What is IPTV and does it have a Future?

IPTV Internet it is real or Memorex, the best thing since sliced bread or fad it depends on what side of the fence you are on, since opinions vary. IPTV is currently moving pictures. Then it covers a large number of systems. IPTV Is encoded in MPEG2, MPEG4, H264, or propriety protocols in multicast broadcast or point to point IP networks. It might or might not use IGMP; it might or might not have middleware protocols to handle the views. It Can be used for seeing normal TV, Void, special services, Hotel room services, commercials, remote windows, anything. There Are closed systems and systems. IPTV is a concept with many applications. My Definition of IPTV is a matter of viewpoints. From A customer point of view it is the ability to create customized channels that have. From An advertising standpoint it provides a way of providing targeted advertisements based on detailed information which will be attainable when a user chooses to use an IPTV provider. From A broadcasters point of view IPTV heralds the opportunity to create revenue from heritage content. The Eli Noam coined term in Columbia University in 1998.

 It pertains to video programming one way delivered by Info Packet switching/Internet Protocol, no matter source. The higher interactivity and addressability of IPTV affords the ability to perform multicasting, narrowcasting, VOD, etc A related, frequently confused term is Television on the Internet or Internet TV. The distinction is that from the network provider, the content source can be divorced in Internet Television. Say, from YouTube, you get it rather than getting content provider. IPTV Is a promising media broadcasting system that is used more and more for end users for live and VOD Video on Demand broadcasts. Anybody can become a media broadcaster/provider and incorporate their information services with this technology.

I imagine that this technology brings technical and commercial opportunities and challenges for end users and suppliers. IPTV is enabling a whole new paradigm for video viewing. No longer broadcasting, no longer what is on TV tonight, no more government controlled TV networks or regulations it is what Internet generally did for movie, now for advice. Anyone can play, anyone can get, anyone can mesh-up and enjoy. Online, Handheld, Offline wired, wall sized. Look what, where, when you want. The Issue with clients of the technology is its still new and too foreign for the non technical to comprehend. The problem with these comes from a point of the protocols and their instability. So let’s put this to nail and the test this coffin IPTV is read more the rest of the heavy hitters and bono Madonna, Springsteen agree to look for this 1 time extravaganza. The curtain drops and guesses what Fiber cut for this concert. No wait peering disputes, two backbone providers disconnect there goes your business model. Something will come together now and spoil IPTV.

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